This is a story about a boy named Greg Heffly.  He keeps a diary of his life.  Every day is basically a day of misery for him.  He gets picked on by his older brother Rodrick, and gets blamed because of his younger brother Manny.  Manny does many things wrong and Greg sometimes tries to get him out if these situations.  No matter what the case, it always ends up being bad, and Greg has to take the blame for it.He is not the most popular kid in his school, and he has a huge crush a a girl named Holly Hills.  He tries to impress her, but always fails at the attempt.  School is tough because his brother was a bad kid and the teachers think that he is just as bad.  Greg's dad has a boss with extremely athletic kids.  His dad gets a sign of jealousy  because his kids are not anything like that.  Overall, Greg is a wimpy kid who has bad luck and struggles to stay cool.